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Breed: Saddlebred
Foal Date: Sep 1992 (Gelding)
Location: West Virginia, United States
 World Rank History
Date Rank Trend
Sep 1, 2014 230
Aug 31, 2014 27
Aug 30, 2014 193
Aug 29, 2014 142
Aug 28, 2014 177
Aug 27, 2014 160
Aug 26, 2014 238
Aug 25, 2014 208
Highest Rank:   1  on Jun 20, 2014
Date Event/Class Rider/Event Location Entry# Place Prize Validity
Jun 24, 2011 KVHA
Equitation 11 year olds
West Virginia, United States
667 3 $0
show validation url wollaberphotography.com/KVHA%20111%20Saturday%20Classes/album/22.%20Academy%20WT%20Equitation%2011%20yr%20old/slides/111-22A-14.html
Oct 9, 2010 KVHA Championship
Equitation 4. Academy WT Equitation 13 and 14
Hope Peters
West Virginia, United States
2 $0
show validation url wollaberphotography.com/810%20KVHA/4.%20Academy%20WT%20Equitation%2013%20and%2014/slides/810-4-13.html
May 29, 2010 KVHA
Showmanship Academy WT Showmanship 13 and 14
Hope Peters
West Virginia, United States
775 3 $0
show validation url wollaberphotography.com/KVHA%202%20%20May%2029%20%202010/album/15.%20Academy%20WT%20Showmanship%2013%20and%2014/slides/210-15-7.html
May 29, 2010 KVHA
Equitation  4. Academy WT Equitation 13 and 14
Hope Peters
West Virginia, United States
775 2 $
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